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One of the basic principles of the Development Corporation of the Chuvash Republic is a «single window» mechanism.

Implementation of the «single window» principles by the Development Corporation of the Chuvash Republic is the guarantee of an equal access to opportunities provided for each potential investor.


The «single window» is a connecting link between an investor and relevant ministries, agencies, local authorities, when it is necessary to study investment projects by using specialized knowledge and competencies.


Within the framework of the «single window» it is possible to assign a personal project manager for each potential investor. It will be a specialist with comprehensive information about the project, which is of interest to the investor, and the stages of consideration of investor’s proposals.


Realization of the «single window» principle will facilitate rapid organization and conduction of the necessary consultations, negotiations, establishment of business contacts, resulting in the reduction of the time needed for project «launching», as well as will give an opportunity of coordinating such activities, offering the most optimal ways of interaction taking into account the current legislation.


The «single window», as a way to organize and adjust processes in a general sense, will be the concentration of main functions, powers and resources within a single structural unit of social institution, while reducing the number of bureaucratic procedures and optimizing a temporal component of these processes.




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