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The Chuvash Republic is a constituent unit of the Russian Federation and a part of the Volga Federal District of the Russian Federation. It is located in the centre of the European part of Russia on the right bank of the Volga River.

The capital of Chuvashia is the city of Cheboksary, founded in 1469. Cheboksary is situated 650 km east to Moscow.


Chuvashia borders the Nizhniy Novgorod Region in the west, the Mary-El Republic in the north, the Republic of Tatarstan in the east, the Ulyanovsk Region in the south and the Republic of Mordovia in the south-west.


The extent of the territory:

North to South – 200 km

West to East – 125 km

Area: 18.3 thousand (as of January 1, 2013, agricultural lands are equal to 55.1 %, forests – 32.5%, water areas – 1.9%)

Capital: Cheboksary

Population: 1 243 419 people (as of January 01, 2013)

Administrative-territorial division:

21 municipal districts, 5 urban districts, 7 urban and 284 rural settlements

Population density:

- 67.8 people per 1 (the average population density in the Russian Federation is 8.4 people)

- 40.1% of the population lives in rural settlements

The longest rivers (within the bounds of the Republic), km:

- The Volga river – 3530 (length on the territory of Chuvashia is 127 km)

- The Sura river – 864 (length on the territory of Chuvashia is 230 km)

Time zone: Moscow time (GMT +3)


The Republic is an important transportation junction, where railway lines, waterways and motorways are intercrossed.

- Railway stations: Cheboksary, Kanash, Shumerlya, Alatyr.

- Traffic steam: Moscow – Ural – Siberia – the Far East

Federal highways:

- M7 «VOLGA» Moscow – Vladimir – Nizhniy Novgorod – Cheboksary – Kazan

- «VYATKA» Cheboksary – Yoshkar Ola – Kirov – Syktyvkar

- A-151 Tsivilsk – Ulyanovsk


Cheboksary is a large river port on the Volga River.

- Upstream - Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg.

- Downstream - Samara, Astrakhan.

To the stream of the Kama River – Perm


Moreover, «Cheboksary» International Airport operates here, which is an air gateway of the Republic.
Today the operating flight is Moscow-Cheboksary (Rusline Airline by CRJ 100/200). From May till October the airport has scheduled charter flights to Antalya, Turkey, etc.


The Chuvash Republic, in spite of its small territory, is a dynamically developing region with an apparent potential for investors. The base for a long-term investment and prosperous business is established by a supportive geographic location, favourable natural and climatic conditions, an extended engineering, telecommunications and transport infrastructure, legal and economic investment guarantees as well as by highly skilled and comparatively cheap labour force.





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