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A project for the establishment of the industrial park in Cheboksary of the Chuvash Republic is planned to concentrate a high-tech production in Cheboksary, create new opportunities for the expansion of small and medium enterprises in high-tech industries, as well as solve a problem of deficit of quality spaces with modern infrastructure and high level of professional service.


 The industrial park is set up to provide the sustainable social and economic development of the Chuvash Republic, to improve labour conditions, to increase the employment rate and quality of life by implementing integrated approach to the use of engineering and social infrastructure when placing plants and facilities in the territory of the Republic.

 The primary purpose of the project is to create favourable conditions for the development of small and medium business, as well as to provide with work places the population of Novocheboksarsk and Mariinsky Posad mono-cities which are the part of the Cheboksary agglomeration.



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The industrial park, the total area of which is over 23 hectares, will be placed near the «Promtractor» plant in Traktorostroitelny Avenue.


The industrial park is planned to include no less than ten small and medium enterprises. At the present time, preliminary agreements are concluded with the potential residents of the park.


Project passport  Project passport.pdf


 Public control over the implementation of the «Construction of engineering infrastructure of the industrial park in Cheboksary of the Chuvash Republic» investment project:  Activity 




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