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Dear visitors of the investment portal of the Chuvash Republic!

DSC_3549.JPG The Chuvash Republic is one of the dynamically developing and investment attractive regions in the Russian Federation with a great investment potential and solid competitive advantages.  

The capital of the Chuvash Republic – Cheboksary, is a universally recognized center of relay engineering in Russia.

Enterprises providing power industry with the modern relay protection devices, automated control systems, test equipment are concentrated here. Among them are «Cheboksary Electric Apparatus Plant» CJSC, organizations of the «ABS Electro» holding company («All-Russian Research and Development and Design Institute of Relay Construction» JSC, «ABS ZEiM Automation» JSC), Scientific and Production Enterprise «EKRA» LLC, Scientific and Production Enterprise «Bresler» LLC, Scientific and Production Enterprise «Dynamics» LLC, and others which annually increase their turnout. Their products are in demand both in the domestic and foreign markets.

The Chuvash Republic is a powerful agricultural region, which traditionally takes one of the first places in Russia in the efficiency of agricultural production - output per area unit. During the implementation of the «Development of agricultural complex» priority national project, more than 150 livestock facilities have been constructed, renovated and modernized in the Republic. Our farmers produce quality and organic food.

The Government of the Chuvash Republic actively facilitates the development of long-term mutually beneficial relations between enterprises of the Republic and their potential partners in the regions of Russia and foreign countries, the expansion of inter-regional and international integration.

A number of decisions aimed at stimulating investment in the processing industry, rendering targeted support for infrastructure development and reducing burdens in technical accession, subsidizing interest rates for modernization and technical re-equipment of production, are taken in the Republic. A single information base of the registered vacant land plots for the construction of industrial or office buildings is set up for investors. The developed transport and logistics infrastructure, the availability of energetic facilities, as well as high labour, educational and scientific potential, stable social and political situation also facilitate effective implementation of investment projects in the Chuvash Republic.

I am convinced that the Investment portal will be a convenient platform for those who are willing to implement investment projects in the Chuvash Republic.


Mikhail Ignatyev,
The Head of the Chuvash Republic




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