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The investment strategy of the Chuvash Republic up to 2020 (hereinafter - The investment strategy) is a development concept which defines long-term objectives and expected results of an activity of the executive authorities of the Chuvash Republic in the creation of favourable investment climate in the Chuvash Republic.

The investment strategy defines the principles for the realization of the state investment policy in the Chuvash Republic.

The investment strategy is developed in accordance with the Social and economic development strategy of the Chuvash Republic up to 2020, and provides the achievement of the expected results of its priority areas of development.

The investment strategy focuses on increasing the investment attractiveness as a key element in the system of strategic objectives and tasks of the Chuvash Republic.


The purpose of The Investment Strategy is the creation in the Chuvash Republic favorable investment and business climate, the increase of the volume of investments attracted from various sources to the economy of the Republic to ensure dynamic economic growth and to improve living standards of the population of the Republic.


The Investment Strategy defines branch priorities in the whole territory of the Chuvash Republic and involves the following application areas:

- development of regional infrastructure by using public-private partnership mechanisms;

- creation of the conditions to mobilize domestic and to increase the inflow of foreign investment resources and new technologies to the economy of the Republic;

- creation of the conditions for the development and implementation of innovative products and new eco-technologies;

- increase of the interaction efficiency of executive authorities of the Chuvash Republic, local authorities and territorial bodies of federal executive authorities with the business community, including the «single window» procedure;

- further formation of professional and competent human resources and the development of vocational training and retraining system of specialists, managers who meet the requirements of investors and the regional economy.




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