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The Chuvash Republic is rated by two leading international rating agencies: by Fitch Ratings international rating agency with the BB+ long-term foreign and local currency ratings and by Moody’s Investors Service agency with the stable outlook of the Ba2 international foreign currency credit rating.

The credit ratings by the two leading international rating agencies allow the Chuvash Republic to follow the efficient debt policy and to improve the investment attractiveness of the region.

June 5, 2013:

- Fitch Ratings international rating agency rated the forthcoming local bond of the Chuvash Republic of 1.5 bln. RUB (scheduled to mature by June 7, 2018) with the expected long-term foreign currency rating “BB+ (EXP)” and the expected long-term local currency rating «AA(rus) (EXP)»

- Moody’s Investors Service international rating agency rated the 2013 local bond of the Chuvash Republic with the Ba2 international (global) local currency rating and the local rating.

The outlook for the long term ratings is considered to be stable.

The issue ratings will depend on any alterations to the long-term local currency rating of the Chuvash Republic.

Investment policy

The key areas of the investment policy in the Chuvash Republic are the creation of a favourable investment climate, the development of investment activities of real economy enterprises and the further capitalization of manufacturing companies.

At the year-end of 2012, the capital stock of the Republic got 65.2 bln. RUB of real investment through all the sources of financing, which makes 106.7 % of 2011 level.

It is important to mention that the Republic provides the conditions to implement high-impact socially important investment projects, which create the growing point. The mechanisms of state support for investment priority projects are forged. Today the Republic holds 346 investment projects with the general investment volume over 300 bln. RUB.

According to the Edict of the President of the Chuvash Republic of May 26, 2011 No. 40, the Development Corporation of the Chuvash Republic, JSC was established; it provides assistance for investors to implement private investment projects, including those implemented in coordination with the federal, regional and local authorities.



The competitive advantages of the region:

1. Supportive geographic location and extended transport infrastructure;

2. Political stability and interethnic concord;

3. High industrial capacities (mechanical engineering, metalworking, food manufacturing industry, chemical industry, consumer goods industry, electrical engineering, instrument engineering, forest industry complex);

4. Highly-qualified labour forces;

5. Information transparency of the Government;

6. Favourable environmental situation;

7. State support for investors – tax allowance and other benefits.

10 reasons to invest in the Chuvash Republic:

1. The Chuvash Republic has one of the most advanced investment legislations;

2. Investment partnership is a priority for the Head and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Chuvash Republic;

3. Supportive geographic location;

4. Political stability in the region;

5. An extended financial infrastructure;

6. An extended transport infrastructure;

7. The system of state support for investment projects at every stage of its implementation;

8. Modern and superior production forces;

9. Investment proposals in every economic sphere, from agriculture and processing to megaprojects;

10. Unique natural and recreational resources.




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