About corporation

The Development Corporation of the Chuvash Republic was created by the Head of the Chuvash Republic Mikhail Ignatiev.

The Development Corporation is a specialized organization for creating a favorable investment climate.

Mission — creation of favorable conditions for attracting Russian and foreign investments to the region and contribution to implementation of investment projects of the Chuvash Republic


  1. Raising Russian and foreign investment to the Chuvash Republicу
  2. Assistance in implementation of investment projects on the territory of the Chuvash Republic


  1. Research of Russian and foreign commodity markets
  2. Search for investors and their engagement to implementation of investment projects
  3. Assistance in the development of new industries through implementing investment projects
  4. Performing the feasibility study of investment proposals to investors
  5. Assistance in infrastructure development for advanced development areas, creation of administrative, business, transport and logistics facilities
  6. Establishing a finance facility for infrastructure projects of advanced development areas through involving private investors
  7. Providing information support in respect of production location on the advanced development areas
  8. - Development of public-private partnership
The activity of the Development Corporation of the Chuvash Republic is based on a «single window» principle
The activitiy
on a «single window» principle
  • Implementation of large-scale and high-priority projects of the Chuvash Republic
  • Representation of interests in cooperation with power authorities
  • Development of infrastructure of industrial areas, industrial parks and science parks
  • Assessment of pledged assets
  • Investment project development
  • Investment project support within the «single window&raquo framework
  • Start-up arrangement
  • Elaboration of concepts, business plans, investment project data sheets
  • Selection of investment sites
  • Arrangement of infrastructure projects
  • Engineering, construction, design
  • Possibility of real estate acquisition and sale
  • Development of public-private partnership (PPP), preparation of tender documents for PPP projects
  • Search and involvement of investors to investment projects’ implementation
  • Training arrangement and delivery
  • Rendering services for natural and legal persons
Methodical and advice support, in the context of:
  • Formation of joint enterprises, also with foreign participants
  • Acquisition of the ready-made business in Chuvashia, including selection and verification of the company
  • Obtaining a permit for reproduction and application of the national symbols of the Chuvash Republic, registration of trade marks and logo
  • Documenting release of shares for under formation of a stock company, with elaboration of the activity plan and preparation of the documentation package
  • Harmonization of immovables cadastral value in compliance with the market price
  • Dealing with HR-related matters, including hiring of foreign citizens
  • Arrangement of additional shares release, required disclosure of the JSC information
  • Business procedures, including the process of company reorganization, reacquisition of the corporate shares