State support for allotment farmers applying a special tax regime "Self-employment tax"

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<h3 class="anchor" id="anc_description" title="Description">Description</h3>
<p>Allotment farmers applying a special tax regime "Self-employment tax" are entitled to subsidies to recover part of the costs aimed at:</p>
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<li>production and sale of field vegetables (cabbage, carrot, red beet, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, garlic), potato of own production;</li>
<li>for the management of dairy cows (heifers);</li>
<li><span>for the management of cows (heifers) of a specialized meat breed</span>;</li>
<li><span>for the management of sheep and (or) goats</span>;</li>
<li>purchase of cows (heifers);</li>
<li><span>purchase of goats</span></li>
<li><span>purchase of semen of breeding bulls;</span></li>
<li><span>purchase of agricultural machinery and (or) equipment;</span></li>
<li><span>purchase of mineral fertilizers;</span></li>
<li><span>agrochemical inspection of soils;</span></li>
<li><span>laboratory tests of seeds;</span></li>
<li><span>purchase of materials (goods) for beekeeping.</span></li>
The amount of state support in the relevant activity areas is calculated at rates approved by the order of the Ministry of Agriculture of Chuvashia.</ul>
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<h3 class="anchor mt-5" id="anc_conditions" title="Terms">Terms</h3>
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<li>Application of the special tax regime &laquo;Self-employment tax&raquo;, which is confirmed by a certificate of registration of an individual as a payer of self-employment tax;</li>
<li>A person should maintaine private farming for at least 12 months preceding the year of granting the subsidy, which is confirmed by an extract from the rural household register;</li>
<p>Confirmation of costs in the relevant area of state support;</p>
<li>Depending on the chosen area of state support:
<li>the presence of cow (heifer) population;</li>
<li>the presence of sheep and (or) goat population;</li>
<li>availability of a veterinary passport for the apiary, availability of equipment for beekeeping;</li>
<p>availability of agricultural machinery and (or) equipment.</p>
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<h3 class="anchor mt-5" id="anc_procedure" title="Procedure">Procedure</h3>
<h4 class="mt-5">Sending the application form</h4>
<p>An investor applying to recognize his investment project as a priority should select the appropriate service in the &laquo;Investor's Personal Cabinet &raquo;, fill out the &laquo;Project Passport&raquo;, upload the required files.</p>
<h4 class="mt-5">Document check</h4>
<p>A citizen applying for state support selects the service &laquo; State support for allotment farmers applying the special tax regime &laquo;Self-employment tax&raquo;&nbsp; in the &laquo;Personal Account&raquo;, fills out the application form, uploads the required documents.</p>
<h4 class="mt-5">Document check and taking a decision</h4>
<p>The Council, within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of receipt of the application, considers a comprehensive conclusion on the investment project and decides to recommend the investment project to be recognized as a priority or to refuse recognizing the investment project as a priority.</p>
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<h3 class="anchor mt-5" id="anc_contacts" title="Contacts">Contacts</h3>
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<p><b>Department for Financial Policy and State Support of Agricultural Sector of the Ministry of Agriculture of Chuvashia</b></p>
<p><span class="material-icons-outlined me-1" style="color: #ccc; font-size: 18px;">call</span><a href="tel:+7(8352)48-96-66">(8352)56-54-41</a></p>
<p class="d-flex align-items-center"><a href=""></a></p>