Advising on the terms of export of goods (works, services) to the market of the country of a potential foreign buyer


Advising on any issues in the field of export. При необходимости, привлекаются сторонние профильные специализированные организации (эксперты), оплату услуг которых АНО "ЦЭП" осуществляет в полном объёме (в соответствии с НПА, на основании которых осуществляется предоставление услуги).


  • the presence of the applicant in the register of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • registration (legal address) of the applicant in the Chuvash Republic;
  • Availability of free funds with Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Export Support Center» for the provision of services in the current year (in the case of attracting salaried experts).


Sending the application form

The applicant for support selects the appropriate service in the «Investor's Personal Account», fills in and uploads the required files: company data sheet, information about the product (service), information about the proposed export contract and the conditions for its implementation (volume, terms, delivery procedure, payment terms and conditions), export maturity form, etc.

Document check and taking a decision

Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Export Support Center» checks the application and considers the attached documents. Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Export Support Center» decides to provide support or to refuse in its provision and sends a notification of the decision made to the applicant's personal account.

Signing of an agreement and contracts

The applicant and Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Export Support Center» sign an agreement, which defines the list of all services within the framework of the support measure, indicating the contacts of the responsible department.


Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Center for Coordination of Support for Export-Oriented Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Chuvash Republic»