Gaining a status of PSEDA resident


Priority Social and Economic Development Area (PSEDA) is a part of the territory of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, where, in accordance with the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, a special legal regime for conducting entrepreneurial and other activities has been established in order to create favorable conditions for attracting investments, ensuring accelerated socio-economic development and creating comfortable conditions for normal life of the population.

Tax exemptions

At the present time In case of PSEDA development

Income tax (the first 5 years)

20% 5%

Income tax (the second 5 years)

20% 12%

Property tax (during the period of PSEDA)

0% 2,2%

Land tax (during the period of PSEDA)

0% 1,5%

Insurance contributions paid to the State non-budgetary funds (within 10 years upon obtaining the status of a resident within 3 years from the date of PSEDA creation)

7,6% 30%


In the 1st year after the inclusion of the legal entity in the register of residents:

  • minimum volume of investments - 2.5 Mio rubles
  • creation of at least 10 jobs for new legal entities, and not less than the average number of employees of a legal entity over the past 3 years for existing legal entities. Registration of legal entity on the territory of Kanash


Sending the application form

An investor applying to gain a status of PSEDA resident should select the appropriate service in the "Investor's Personal Cabinet", fill out the "Project Passport", upload the required files.

Document check

The Ministry of Economic Development of Chuvashia, within 10 working days, checks the application for compliance with the requirements, and in case of compliance sends it to the Ministry of Finance of Chuvashia, Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of Chuvashia, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Chuvashia, industry body and municipal administration of Kanash to prepare a conclusion about the project. Within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the conclusions for the project, it prepares a comprehensive conclusion on the possibility (impossibility) of concluding an agreement for consideration at the meeting of the Commission for Consideration of Applications for Concluding an Agreement on the Implementation of Activities at PSEDA "Kanash".

An application for which the total score according to the results of the application evaluation is less than 11 points is rejected and not considered at the meeting of the Commission.

Taking a decision

Not later than one month from the date of a comprehensive conclusion, the Commission evaluates the application and makes one of the following decisions: on the possibility of concluding an agreement or on refusing to conclude an agreement, indicating the reasons for refusal.

Signing of an agreement

The agreement is concluded between the authorized body, the municipal administration of the city of Kanash of the Chuvash Republic and the applicant according to the template approved by the order of the authorized body. The agreement is concluded for the period specified in the investment project passport attached to the application, and may provide for the possibility of extending such a period. The term of this agreement cannot exceed the period for which PSEDA "Kanash" was created.


Investment Activity Department of the Ministry of Economic Development of Chuvashia