Management of export contracts


Assistance in the preparation of a draft export contract or legal examination of an export contract. The service is provided free of charge. Includes additional services:

  • Adaptation and translation of the package of goods, translation of the text of the export contract, other materials of a small and medium-sized business into English and (or) the language of a foreign buyer, as well as translation of materials containing the requirements of a foreign buyer of goods (works, services) into Russian;
  • Determining the conditions and calculation of export delivery logistics;
  • Conducting a negotiation with a foreign buyer in order to agree on the terms of an export contract;
  • Preparation of documents for the compliance with the customs procedures;
  • Advising on taxation and compliance with currency regulation and currency control.

Placement and storage of products in intermediary storage facilities abroad for a period of not exceeding 6 (six) months with an area of not more than 100 (one hundred) square meters per small and medium-sized business entity (no more than 300 thousand rubles per 1 small and medium-sized business entity).


  • the presence of the applicant in the register of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • registration (legal address) of the applicant in the Chuvash Republic;
  • availability of free funds with Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Export Support Center» for the provision of services in the current year (in the case of attracting salaried experts);
  • absence of prohibitions and insurmountable obstacles for the export of goods (work, services) of the contender to the market of the country of the foreign buyer;
  • presence of a foreign buyer (potential buyer) for the goods (work, service) of the applicant.


Sending the application form

The applicant for support selects the appropriate service in the «Investor's Personal Account», fills in and uploads the required files: company data sheet, information about the product (service), information about the proposed export contract and the conditions for its implementation (volume, terms, delivery procedure, payment terms and conditions), export maturity form, etc.

Document check and taking a decision

Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Export Support Center» checks the application and considers the attached documents. Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Export Support Center» decides to provide or to refuse in the provision of support.

Signing of an agreement and contracts

The applicant and Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Export Support Center» sign an agreement, which defines the list of all services within the framework of the support measure.


Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Center for Coordination of Support for Export-Oriented Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Chuvash Republic»