1. Favorable geographic location

The Chuvash Republic occupies a favorable geographic location in the center of the European part of Russia at the distance of a little more than 660 km from Moscow.

Transport infrastructure of the region: international airport, railway station, river port.

The republic is located at the intersection of transportation lines connecting Europe and Asia. Here, the high-speed network Moscow-Kazan will be directed, which will constitute the «New Silk Road».

2. Strong human resources and scientific engineering potential

Scientific infrastructure:

Interregional center of excellence in the field of industrial and engineering technologies training specialists of «Automation, Electronics and Radio Engineering» in compliance with the WorldSkills standards.

higher educational establishments
36 800

3. Broad range of Governmental preferences

property tax exemption for the enterprises raising funds that exceed 50 mln. rubles
profit tax rate for companies investing the amounts that exceed 50 mln. rubles
property tax rate for projects priced at more than 5 bln. rubles
partial cost recovery related to equipment acquisition targeted at raising and/or development or upgrading of the production

4. Wide scope of allocating sites with well-developed infrastructure

Chuvashia is willing to offer the sites completely different and customer oriented for every investor— brownfields with accessible infrastructure and greenfields with the opportunity to arrange the infrastructure based on the investor’s own preference.

The region welcomes the investors to locate their production in the industrial parks of the republic and in the advanced development zones of Kanash, whose residents are provided with tax preferences.

5. Experience in inward investment project implementation

Our foreign partners confiding in us: German Develey GmbH, Spanish Roca Group, Serbian ABC Electro, subdivision of the German METRO Group, Italian Unicusano, German companies Siemens and Weidmuller.

Weidmiller — Соглашение о сотрудничестве в области производства электрических соединителей Roca — Производство акриловых санитарно-технических изделий Roca Group Siemens — Соглашение о сотрудничестве в области производства электротехнических компонентов
Unicusano — Модернизация для производства трубопроводной арматуры Metro Group — Торговый центр Metro Cash & Carry Develery — Завод по производству соусов и кетчупов ABC Electro — Производство оборудования для электроэнергетики