Social and Economic Development

Chuvash Republic is located in the eastern part of the East European Plain on the right bank of the Volga river, between the feeders of rivers the Sura and the Sviyaga.

The republic is the part of the Volga Federal District, borders with 5 regions of the Russian Federation (Chuvashia borders with Nizhny Novgorod Oblast in the west, with the Mari El Republic in the north, with the Republic of Tatarstan in the east, with Ulyanovsk Oblast in the south, and with the Republic of Mordovia in the south-west).

Cheboksary is the capital of the Chuvash Republic

18343 m2

total area

1 197,9

thousand people population


municipal okrugs


urban okrugs


rural and municipal settlements


municipal districts

Gross Regional Product Breakdown by type of economic activity in 2020

339.8 billion rubles
gross regional product
Percentage, % Sectors
3,5 Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
5 Transportation and storage
5,8 Construction
8,2 Agriculture
25,9 Manufacturing
12,5 Wholesale and retail trade
39,1 Other


Industrial complex takes a leading place in the economy of Chuvashia.

About 2.8 thousand enterprises of the republic are engaged in the industrial production.


of the Gross Regional Product


of the total tax payments to the budgetary system of the Russian Federation


of the total occupied population of the republic


of the total turnover of all organizations of the republic

In 2020 processing enterprises sold goods of their own production and provided works and services using their own resources for 243.2 billion rubles.

Industrial production index in 2020 was 97.6% in relation to 2019.

The structure of processing industries of the Chuvash Republic in 2020


16.7% production of chemicals and chemical products


production of electronic and optical products


production of motor vehicles, trailers and semitrailers


production of food products, including beverages


production of electrical equipment


production of other vehicles and equipment


The agricultural complex is one of the largest and most important sectors of the republic's economy.

Index of physical volume of agricultural production in 2020 amounted to 105%.

The main specialization of agriculture is the production of grain, milk, eggs, potato growing, vegetables growing, meat and dairy cattle breeding, pig breeding and poultry farming.

The Chuvash Republic holds a leading position in the Volga Federal District in the production of milk, potatoes and meat.

Index of physical volume of agricultural production in 2020 amounted to 105%.

2nd place

in the production of milk per 100 HA in the Volga Federal District

2nd place

in the production of milk per 100 HA in the Volga Federal District

5th place

in the production of meat in the Volga Federal District

Foreign Economic Activity

538.8 Mio US Dollars – foreign trade turnover of the Chuvash Republic in 2020
  • 102.6% in relation to 2019
  • More than 90 trading partners all over the world
Amount Percentage ratio
248.3 Mio $ of export 124.3% in relation to 2019
290.5 Mio $ of import 89.3% in relation to 2019

Major exporters and importers

CJSC Avgust Company Vurnary plant of mixed compounds

CJSC Avgust Company Vurnary plant of mixed compounds"

PJSC Khimprom

PJSC Khimprom"



PJSC Promtraktor

PJSC Promtraktor

Perkarbonat Ltd.

Perkarbonat Ltd.

JSC Cheboksary Electrical Equipment Plant

JSC Cheboksary Electrical Equipment Plant

Hevel Group

Hevel Group

JSC Shumerlya Special Vehicles Plant

JSC Shumerlya Special Vehicles Plant

JSC Yadrinmoloko

JSC Yadrinmoloko

Joint Stock Company Cheboksary Production Association named after V.I. Chapaev

Joint Stock Company Cheboksary Production Association named after V.I. Chapaev


In the Chuvash Republic, culture is one of the factors of social stability. A system of festival movement, which involves professional art and amateur folk art, has been formed in the republic. More than 20 interregional, nationwide and world-class projects are executed every year.

In the Chuvash Republic there are:

  • 6 professional theaters
  • 508 public libraries
  • 716 cultural-leisure institutions
  • 30 museums
  • Republican Center of Folk Art “Cultural Center of Tractor Manufactures"
  • State Center for Cultural Heritage Protection
  • Tourism Information and Cultural Center

The territory of the Chuvash Republic is rich in cultural heritage sites, 676 have a status of historical and cultural monuments, of which:


monuments of architecture and town planning


historical monuments


public art monuments


monuments of archeology


There are 13 educational institutions of higher learning in the Chuvash Republic.

The biggest institutes of higher education: the Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulyanov, the Chuvash State Pedagogical University named after I.Y. Yakovlev, the Chuvash State Agricultural University, Cheboksary Cooperative Institute (branch) of Russian University of Cooperation, Cheboksary Institute (branch) of Moscow Polytechnic University.

Образовательные учреждения

  • 27 professional educational institutions
  • 105 institutions for supplementary education of children
  • 444 general educational institutions
  • 15 state educational institutions, implementing adaptive principal educational programs
  • 3 centers for orphaned children and children without parental support
  • 348 preschool educational establishments that carry out educational activities on educational programs of preschool education, child minding

Public Health Service

High-quality and available health care is a priority of the state policy of the Chuvash Republic.

  • Development of mobile forms of health care (mobile medical teams)
  • High-qualified personnel
  • Introduction of modern technologies for diagnosis and treatment
  • 7 regional projects under national program “Health Care”
  • Chuvashia is in the top five regions in terms of digital maturity of healthcare in the republic

Three-level system of health care

  • 11 republican health clinic
  • 12 interterritorial medical centers
  • 93 primary care clinics, 527 feldsher's station, 133 general practice doctor units and outpatient clinics, 18 central regional hospitals


Housing construction is one of the priorities of the state policy. The main directions for the development of this sector are increasing the housing affordability, increasing the housing quantity and modernization of facilities of communal infrastructure.

billion rubles

amount of the executed works in 2020.

577,6 thousand sq.m.

delivered housing units


The Chuvash Republic is a magnificent area in the Volga region with an interesting combination of antiquity and modernity. The attractiveness of Chuvashia as a region favorable for the development of domestic and inbound tourism is determined by its favorable economic and geographical location, natural and recreational, cultural and historical potential.


types of tourism


travel firms and 7 tour operators


hotels and other means of accommodation


health resort institutions


modern physical education and sports institutions

  • Tourism recreational cluster “Ethnic Chuvashia”
  • Tourism cluster “Chuvashia is the heart of Volga”

Annual events

  • International Opera Festival named after M.D. Mikhailov
  • International Ballet Festival
  • Asamat International Fireworks Festival
  • Cheboksary International Film Festival
  • All-Russian National Folk Festival Springs of Russia (Rodniki Rossii)
  • Interregional exhibition Regions –cooperation without borders
  • Cheboksary Economic Forum
  • All-Russian Festival Hospitable Chuvashia