Investment policy

Socio-economic development strategy of the Chuvash Republic till 2035

The strategy is a document of strategic planning that defines long-term priorities, goals and objectives of public administration at the level of the Chuvash Republic, which are consistent with the priorities and goals of the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation.

Strategic goals

  • Growth of competitiveness of the economy, development of sectors of knowledge-based economy and creation of high-tech production facilities
  • Improving the institutional environment that provides favorable conditions for attracting investments, developing business and entrepreneurial initiatives, improving the efficiency of public administration at all levels
  • Rational use of natural resources and environmental security in the Chuvash Republic
  • Development of human capital assets and social sphere in the Chuvash Republic. Improving the living standards and quality of life of the people
  • Formation of a competitive region on the basis of balanced spatial development of territories

Coordination Council for the Development of Investment and Business Activity, Protection of Rights of Business People in the Chuvash Republic

Proposals for participation in the meeting of the Coordination Council are taken by:


Telephone:+7 (8352) 56-52-37 ext. 23-74 (Sokolova Larisa Lvovna)


Ratings of Chuvashia

National index of investment climate in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation

National index of investment climate in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation evaluates the efforts of regional authorities to create favorable conditions for business and identifies best practices, and its results stimulate competition for investments at the regional level.

Year Rating position
2019 11
2018 8
2017 2
2016 6
2015 9

Credit ratings of the Chuvash Republic

Rating agencies Ratings Rating outlook
Ва3 Stable
ВB+ Stable
ru A- Stable
2015 9 Stable