Success Stories

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Start of the production of tank containers designed for the storage and transportation of liquids, liquefied gases and bulk products at Sespel Cheboksary Enterprise, CJSC

Investment amount: 600 Mio rubles

The project provides for the production of tank containers with a capacity of about 300 pcs per year at the production site of Sespel Cheboksary Enterprise, CJSC (Morgaushsky District) to substitute the supplied imported product, whose share of the Russian market is 90%. Market entry strategy taking into account the discount to the market price will allow occupying about 30% of the tank container market.

Launch of the production complex for serial production of children's rubber and plastisol balls and toys by Cheboksary production association n.a. V.I. Chapaev, JSC

Investment amount 250 Mio rubles

The products are aimed at phasing out imported children's balls, whose share of the Russian market reaches approximately 85%.

New line for the production of sugar biscuit

Amount of investment is 150 Mio rubles

Thanks to the launch of the new line, JSC Akkond plans to broaden the range of sugar biscuits and produce a modern, high-quality product with new tastes and of new formats. New products will be delivered to the various regions of Russia and abroad. Modern equipment fully allows for an advanced and fully automated production.

Launch of the production after the reconstruction of Cheboksary dairy plant, LLC

Amount of investment is 1200 Mio rubles

Since 2017, the enterprise has been implementing an investment project for the modernization, reconstruction and construction of a plant by 2021 with an investment amount of more than 1.2 billion rubles. After the completion of the project, processing of raw milk in the republic will increase by 30% and reach 300 thousand tons per year, respectively, the export of raw milk outside the republic will decrease, the geography of dairy products sales produced in the republic will expand; deliveries to Kazakhstan and other neighboring countries are planned.

Launch of the 1st stage development of greenhouse complex “Novocheboksarsky”

Total project cost: more than 6 billion rubles

The first stage of development of the Novocheboksarsky greenhouse complex was launched by “TK “Novocheboksarsky”, LLC on November 1, 2019. After the greenhouse complex reaches its design capacity, the enterprise will produce 20 thousand tons of vegetable products per year, which will increase more than twice the current volume of production of greenhouse vegetables in the Chuvash Republic and provide the population with these products throughout the year.

Hevel LLC, the unique Russian PV module-producing factory

Investment amount 20 bln. rubles

In 2015, Hevel LLC, the enterprise of solar module production being unique for Russia was set up in Novocheboksarsk. The new enterprise has become the final stage of the large-scale project on domestic generation of alternative solar energy.

Project on solid waste landfill construction with a waste sorting plant in Novocheboksarsk

Investment amount 1266,3 mln. rubles

Following the tender of July 1, 2014, a concession agreement has been concluded with Upravlenie othodami Ltd., according to which the waste transshipment facility with sorting units was reconstructed, and the waste sorting plant was built. Completion of the 2nd waste landfill area construction is scheduled for 2018. This project will be included into the register of best practices and recommended for implementation in the constituent territories of the Russian Federation.

Plant for sauces and ketchups production in Kanash

Investment amount 1,4 bln. rubles

In 2012, the leading European manufacturer of sauce, ketchup, mustard and marinade sauce Develey GmbH launched the first Russian production in Kanash. Develey LLC – a modern industrial and logistics center with the total area of 72 000 sq.m, where the state-of-the-art achievements are applied in arrangement of high-tech production.

Acrylic and hydromassage bathtubs production

Investment amount 536 mln. rubles

In 2011, the groundbreaking of Keramika LLC took place in Novocheboksarsk – the factory manufacturing acrylic and hydromassage bathtubs. The factory has become the sixth in Russia and the third in the Chuvash Republic among the enterprises owned by Roca Group (Spain), the world’s leading manufacturer of sanitary products.

Modernization of Cheboksary Brewing Firm Buket Chuvashii, OJSC

Investment amount 312,5 mln. rubles

The project on upgrading the production site, beer-brewing workshop has been completed: «Brewhouse moderization with construction of extensions aiming at capacity gain». Today, Cheboksary Brewing Firm Buket Chuvashii, OJSC is a dynamically developed enterprise functioning in the agricultural sector of the Chuvash Republic, defined through production ramp-up and growth of tax payments. The product portfolio includes more than 50 articles (beer, mineral water, non-alcoholic drinks, kvass).

Opening of the first production site on the territory of the Industrial park in Cheboksary

Investment amount 160 mln. rubles

In October 2017, the opening ceremony for the first production site on the territory of the Cheboksary Industrial part took place – the production workshop of BIRS Armatura LLC. BIRS Armatura LLC is the manufacturing subdivision of SPD BIRS LLC that has been for 10 years engaged into development, manufacture and installation of motor-driven and pneumatic pipeline fittings. The fittings manufacturing process includes steel casting line, allowing to manufacture customer-focused fittings in due time and at a moderate charge.